Do E-Cigs Hurt Your Health Over Time?

Tobacco smoking has been part of our history for centuries. But for many years, only the elite had the luxury of smoking. During that time, people who could not afford to buy tobacco had to pick up cigarette butts, shred them, roll the tobacco in paper – and as time went on, that recycled tobacco become what we call cigarettes. In the 1960s, tobacco smoking was been linking to lung cancer, and since then lots of studies were conducted to prove this information. Though lots of studies were made and warnings were disseminated to the public about its danger, there are still many people who smoke cigarettes. However, some people want to stop smoking but they have to deal with withdrawal.

How e-cigarettes help people to overcome withdrawal syndrome?

The invention of e-cigs was introduced in the year 2003 by a Chinese man who’s a pharmacist and a smoker. According to him, he was pushed to invent this device after his father died from lung cancer. After this, people who have been motivated to stop tobacco smoking but weren’t able to because of the associated withdrawal were finally can start to move on from it. The e-cigarette becomes a new trend and lots of smokers want to get their hands on it.

On the other hand, experts are quick to warn people that e-cigarette is just as dangerous as the tobacco since it still contains nicotine. The chemical nicotine is highly addictive that when introduced into the body, it can affect blood pressure and flow since its main effect is to harden the blood vessel walls.

Can e-cigarette harm you?

Many smokers who are quitting tobacco smoking opt to use e-cigs as an alternative to lessen the effect of nicotine toxicity in the body. Though smokers believed that the best way to move away from tobacco smoking is the e-cigarette, the FDA does not approve it as a method to aid a person to quit smoking. Studies show too that there is only limited evidence to support the claim that it will help a person to quit smoking.

On the other hand, smokers who tried the switch are positive and enthusiastic that e-cigarette is a huge help for them in avoiding or at least lessen the withdrawal syndrome. Gradual quitting smoking and slowly switching to vaping is a big step for a smoker. Although there are still lots of studies needed to prove that e-cigarette is harmful to the body, it is best to talk to an expert about it.  

Pros and Cons of Vaping

Many people who have decided to quit tobacco smoking are a bit hesitant to try e-cigarettes to help them overcome the withdrawal symptoms because of negative press and government statements. There is no doubt that tobacco smoking is associated with different kinds of severe illnesses and because of this, there are lots of individuals who are encouraged to stop smoking. However, due to the psychological and physiological effects of nicotine in the body, quitting might be quite difficult, especially for those people who have been tobacco smokers for many years.

The benefits of e-cigarette according to experts

An electronic cigarette or also known as vapinghas numerous benefits. 

  • E-cigarette smoking is safer compared which accounts for 95% less dangerous compared to smoking tobacco according to some experts. In addition to this, the no combustion in e-cigarette makes them less harmful to use. Its smoke-free property improves the functions of the lung and heart as seen in a tobacco smoker who switches to e-cigar.
  • Less nicotine and foul odor. An E-cigarette is better because the device produces no odor that makes the smoker nauseous, rather it has an aromatic odor that makes the vaping enjoyable. You can even choose from a variety of flavor that suits you. Another good thing about it is the nicotine amount. You can control the nicotine on your e-cigarette unlike in tobacco smoking wherein you can puff almost all the nicotine contents and have no control over it.
  • Less money. When you do the switch, you will save more because you will spend less. Yes, you read it right, buying an e-cigarette will not break your bank.

Why an e-cigarette is better for you?

Quitting tobacco smoking is not a walk in the park especially if a person abruptly quit smoking without proper consultation with your GP. You may experience severe headaches, sleep disturbance, and cravings for the first few days after quitting. This is the reason why most people who tried to quit had a relapse after a week because the withdrawal does not only include psychological and physical issues, you can also experience anxiety and depression and most of the time become irritable.

When you decided to quit smoking, you may want to use an e-cigarette to help you through the withdrawal stage. This stage will usually last for 2-3 weeks if succeeded. According to experts, withdrawal syndrome is crucial since there is a high tendency of relapse because of the symptoms that cannot be avoided. In this situation, electronic cigarettes can be a big help.

Better Choice: Vape Pens Or Full-Sized Vaporizers?

Choosing the right vape can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time switching from cigarette smoking to e-cigarettes. Many people think that e-cigarettes are all the same, and when they try one model and they don’t like it, they are discouraged enough to just go back to traditional smoking.

The difference between a vape pen and a full-sized vape

One of the reasons why people are switching to vape is because of the control. In conventional smoking, you cannot control the amount of nicotine or cannabis. In the electronic cigarette or vape, it’s all about control.

The full-sized vape is portable and usually handheld vaporizers. It comes in different shapes and sometimes looks like an asthma inhaler. If you are into big sizes, then a full-sized vape is for you. However, if you like to use a lighter version, you might want to check out the vape pen. As the word implies, the vape pen looks like your traditional pen but it is bigger and has a sleek design. The design allows the smoker to use the vape pens comfortably while looking cool. The design of these pens attracts traditional smokers to switch vaping because of convenience.

The right vape for starters

If you are a starter in the world of vaping, you might want to know the best for you. Here are some of the designs of vape that you would want to check out before buying one for you.

  • Pod vapes. According to vape users, pod vape pens are considered the most practical. The pod vapes are easy to operate compared to others. Also, the pod vape is cheaper compared to other vaping devices. As a starter, you do not want to spend a lot and regret it later. The pod vape is a friendly user and has two parts. The first piece is the battery and the other part is a refilling section. 
  • CBD vape device. The CBD vape is a device that looks like a tank attached to a rechargeable battery. The device is convenient and generally easy to store because of its smaller size. This vape device is also affordable and suitable for people who need it for inhaling medication. Its low power and low vapor allow a user to control the amount of cannabis being delivered to every puff.
  • Weed pens. The weed pen delivers low odor and is great for people who are weed users. This pen is perfect and great for medication or recreational usage.

Pros And Cons Of Disposable E-Cigs

The road to quitting cigarette smoking can be rough, but you should congratulate yourself when you start the process. That’s when your journey to e-cigs can begin – and the first thing you have to do is choose between disposable and reusable e-cigarettes. The choice can be confusing, so let us give you the bird’s eye view to give you a better picture of whether either one is better for you.

The positive side of disposable e-cigs

For starters, many are drawn to use disposable electronic cigarettes as many find it convenient to use and easier compared to others because most devices come with liquid nicotine. It means that you do not need to worry about refilling it with e-liquid. Here are some of the best features of the disposable electronic cigarette:

  • Portable. Most tobacco smokers are interested in switching to a disposable electronic cigarette is because of the portability design. Since the device is portable, it is easier for it to be transported. Not to mention the small design, which is easier for it to hide even in your pocket.
  • Uncontaminated nicotine. The very reason why tobacco smokers switch to an electronic cigarette is because of the harmful effects that brought about by tobacco which contains nicotine and other chemicals that can harm the body. In a disposable electronic cigarette, you will get nicotine alone without the other unknown chemical that can directly harm your body. The electronic liquid that is used in e-cigs has a different flavor which you can enjoy compared to the traditional cigarette.

The negative side of disposable electronic cigarette

Let us discuss the negative side of disposable e-cigs to understand why many people opt to use a reusable e-cigarette. The number one reason why people use reusable electronic cigarettes is because of the costs spent in the long run. Disposable may sound healthy but if you are going to think about it, you need to spend more money on this in a long time. Another downside is the design. Some disposable devices do not allow the user to change the e-liquid and do not come with any accessories that most people find inconvenient. Not to mention the battery life is very low compared to reusable electronic cigarette counterparts. Another red flag for the disposable device is being unfriendly to the environment. Disposing means you have to discard it and let the environment deal with it. However, this would be counterproductive in the long run.

How Did Juul Get So Popular So Quickly?

Electronic cigarettes first came out in 2003. The e-cigarette was developed by a Chinese pharmacist because of his father’s passing due to lung cancer related to tobacco smoking. E-cigs didn’t catch on, though, for another ten years or so. Many people around the world have become convinced that the electronic cigarette is the best way to stay away from the negative effects of traditional smoking while still enjoying the positive effects. If you are new to electronic cigarettes, you might hear about Juul and wonder if it is a new kind of electronic cigarette. The answer is yes.

The modern design of electronic cigarette

Many companies produce various designs of electronic cigarettes since it became a go-to for people who decided to switch from tobacco smoking to e-cigs. However, many people are jumping from one model to another as they experience discomfort or others just cannot find the right design for them. Few years from its first production, the electronic cigarette now comes with a different design that represents the following:

  • Convenience
  • Modern
  • Stylish
  • User-friendly
  • Competitive
  • Economical

Many tried to build an electronic cigarette design that masses will love, however many failed this part until 2015 when Juul lab produces an e-cig device in 2015 that comes with different charming designs.

Different design for different personality

In 2015, when the company started producing stylish and timely electronic cigarette designs, the sales increases exponentially. Here are some of the designs that might hook you to buy electronic cigarettes from this company.

When it comes to design, this electronic cigarette company amazes its users. One of the designs that is a best seller is the USB-type electronic cigarette. It comes with various colors and sleek designs such as fire holographic and signature that includes Gucci, Nike, Chanel, and more.

The real deal behind the success

Most electronic cigarette users are drawn to use it because of the design, however, the real deal behind the hype is the benefits that most people are getting from it. Over the years, electronic cigarette companies offer various flavors to the public that you rarely get from a tobacco cigarette. In addition, the electronic cigarette devices that we can acquire from stores either online or brick and mortar offer e-juice that has 3-5% nicotine content. When a person switches from tobacco smoking to electronic cigarettes, they are not just buying convenience and style, but they are buying their health back too. This is the reason why most people are enjoying an electronic cigarettes.