How Did Juul Get So Popular So Quickly?

October 13, 2020

Electronic cigarettes first came out in 2003. The e-cigarette was developed by a Chinese pharmacist because of his father’s passing due to lung cancer related to tobacco smoking. E-cigs didn’t catch on, though, for another ten years or so. Many people around the world have become convinced that the electronic cigarette is the best way to stay away from the negative effects of traditional smoking while still enjoying the positive effects. If you are new to electronic cigarettes, you might hear about Juul and wonder if it is a new kind of electronic cigarette. The answer is yes.

The modern design of electronic cigarette

Many companies produce various designs of electronic cigarettes since it became a go-to for people who decided to switch from tobacco smoking to e-cigs. However, many people are jumping from one model to another as they experience discomfort or others just cannot find the right design for them. Few years from its first production, the electronic cigarette now comes with a different design that represents the following:

  • Convenience
  • Modern
  • Stylish
  • User-friendly
  • Competitive
  • Economical

Many tried to build an electronic cigarette design that masses will love, however many failed this part until 2015 when Juul lab produces an e-cig device in 2015 that comes with different charming designs.

Different design for different personality

In 2015, when the company started producing stylish and timely electronic cigarette designs, the sales increases exponentially. Here are some of the designs that might hook you to buy electronic cigarettes from this company.

When it comes to design, this electronic cigarette company amazes its users. One of the designs that is a best seller is the USB-type electronic cigarette. It comes with various colors and sleek designs such as fire holographic and signature that includes Gucci, Nike, Chanel, and more.

The real deal behind the success

Most electronic cigarette users are drawn to use it because of the design, however, the real deal behind the hype is the benefits that most people are getting from it. Over the years, electronic cigarette companies offer various flavors to the public that you rarely get from a tobacco cigarette. In addition, the electronic cigarette devices that we can acquire from stores either online or brick and mortar offer e-juice that has 3-5% nicotine content. When a person switches from tobacco smoking to electronic cigarettes, they are not just buying convenience and style, but they are buying their health back too. This is the reason why most people are enjoying an electronic cigarettes.