Better Choice: Vape Pens Or Full-Sized Vaporizers?

December 16, 2020

Choosing the right vape can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time switching from cigarette smoking to e-cigarettes. Many people think that e-cigarettes are all the same, and when they try one model and they don’t like it, they are discouraged enough to just go back to traditional smoking.

The difference between a vape pen and a full-sized vape

One of the reasons why people are switching to vape is because of the control. In conventional smoking, you cannot control the amount of nicotine or cannabis. In the electronic cigarette or vape, it’s all about control.

The full-sized vape is portable and usually handheld vaporizers. It comes in different shapes and sometimes looks like an asthma inhaler. If you are into big sizes, then a full-sized vape is for you. However, if you like to use a lighter version, you might want to check out the vape pen. As the word implies, the vape pen looks like your traditional pen but it is bigger and has a sleek design. The design allows the smoker to use the vape pens comfortably while looking cool. The design of these pens attracts traditional smokers to switch vaping because of convenience.

The right vape for starters

If you are a starter in the world of vaping, you might want to know the best for you. Here are some of the designs of vape that you would want to check out before buying one for you.

  • Pod vapes. According to vape users, pod vape pens are considered the most practical. The pod vapes are easy to operate compared to others. Also, the pod vape is cheaper compared to other vaping devices. As a starter, you do not want to spend a lot and regret it later. The pod vape is a friendly user and has two parts. The first piece is the battery and the other part is a refilling section. 
  • CBD vape device. The CBD vape is a device that looks like a tank attached to a rechargeable battery. The device is convenient and generally easy to store because of its smaller size. This vape device is also affordable and suitable for people who need it for inhaling medication. Its low power and low vapor allow a user to control the amount of cannabis being delivered to every puff.
  • Weed pens. The weed pen delivers low odor and is great for people who are weed users. This pen is perfect and great for medication or recreational usage.