Pros and Cons of Vaping

February 10, 2021

Many people who have decided to quit tobacco smoking are a bit hesitant to try e-cigarettes to help them overcome the withdrawal symptoms because of negative press and government statements. There is no doubt that tobacco smoking is associated with different kinds of severe illnesses and because of this, there are lots of individuals who are encouraged to stop smoking. However, due to the psychological and physiological effects of nicotine in the body, quitting might be quite difficult, especially for those people who have been tobacco smokers for many years.

The benefits of e-cigarette according to experts

An electronic cigarette or also known as vapinghas numerous benefits. 

  • E-cigarette smoking is safer compared which accounts for 95% less dangerous compared to smoking tobacco according to some experts. In addition to this, the no combustion in e-cigarette makes them less harmful to use. Its smoke-free property improves the functions of the lung and heart as seen in a tobacco smoker who switches to e-cigar.
  • Less nicotine and foul odor. An E-cigarette is better because the device produces no odor that makes the smoker nauseous, rather it has an aromatic odor that makes the vaping enjoyable. You can even choose from a variety of flavor that suits you. Another good thing about it is the nicotine amount. You can control the nicotine on your e-cigarette unlike in tobacco smoking wherein you can puff almost all the nicotine contents and have no control over it.
  • Less money. When you do the switch, you will save more because you will spend less. Yes, you read it right, buying an e-cigarette will not break your bank.

Why an e-cigarette is better for you?

Quitting tobacco smoking is not a walk in the park especially if a person abruptly quit smoking without proper consultation with your GP. You may experience severe headaches, sleep disturbance, and cravings for the first few days after quitting. This is the reason why most people who tried to quit had a relapse after a week because the withdrawal does not only include psychological and physical issues, you can also experience anxiety and depression and most of the time become irritable.

When you decided to quit smoking, you may want to use an e-cigarette to help you through the withdrawal stage. This stage will usually last for 2-3 weeks if succeeded. According to experts, withdrawal syndrome is crucial since there is a high tendency of relapse because of the symptoms that cannot be avoided. In this situation, electronic cigarettes can be a big help.